Winter is coming!

By |Published on: November 15, 2023|

The 🏊🏊🏽‍♀ season is over! I hope you enjoyed the summer. Now it's time to start winterizing.

Below is a reminder of the main actions to be taken. Refer to the recommendations of your installers and equipment manufacturers for more precise instructions. I wish you a pleasant day, and if you need any advice, don't hesitate to contact the entire team at Bio&Pool 🇨🇭by Bioteich, the 40-year specialist in Natural Swimming Pools, who will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have during your visit ⛄❄.

When air and water temperatures drop (to below 12°C for the water), it's time for vegetative rest. Emergent aquatic plants dry out and need to be cut back to 5 cm above the water level (mowing). It's time to start wintering.

Regular maintenance even in the off-season prevents 90% of problems.

En automne & hiver (T < 15°C) The plants The pool & its equipment The water
At least once a week Cut emerging aquatic plants to around 5 cm above the water level (Caution: the plant will die if you cut it below the water surface).

Clean the bottom of the bathing area (robot) as long as there is no frost.

Regularly check the overall appearance of your water: color, transparency.

Advice Stretch out a net to make it easier to pick up leaves, or regularly collect leaves that have fallen into your pool. Do the same for the stream/waterfall path. Check the technical room for leaks and insulation.
Check and empty the circulation pump pre-filter.
Check that the filter pump is working properly.
Just in case   Remove skimmer shutters and store in a frost-free place.
In periods of frost:
Before freezing: turn off the water supply (automatic) and purge the system.
Water circulation: 2 possibilities.
1 - Leave the pump running (day and night) without interruption.
2 - Stop the pump for the whole winter. Unscrew the supply and discharge valves, and remove the pump and prefilter from the equipment room. Dry pump and prefilter and store in a dry place.

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