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Our natural swimming pools BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® are ecological swimming pools without any chemical products or mechanical biocide (uv filter). Patented almost four decades ago, and still leading the way with a two-chamber system that guarantees clear water all year round and in all climates. The BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® team has always been committed to a responsible approach to nature by limiting and reducing its harmful impacts. reducing its harmful impacts. (Sustainable Development Charter)


The Swiss company BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® creates natural swimming pools inspired by nature. Leader for nearly 40 years, discover our know-how and what drives us every day.



Our company BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® designs water gardens and natural swimming pools in total respect of the environment and for the pleasure of all.

Our company strives to follow the example of nature at its simplest. Respect for the flora and fauna is our priority. This leads us to think of our projects in terms of the environment.

Inspired by the cycles of nature, we create pools by creating autonomous ecosystems. Fauna and flora are an integral part of our project.

We believe that it is possible to recharge one's batteries, to take a bath in nature, while respecting the ecosystems that surround us. Each aquatic space we design is unique and responds to the desires of our clients.

Exceptional achievements have been made in incredible locations.

Our expertise

BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® works as well in the African desert plains as in the mountainous regions. The company adapts to all climates while preserving the environment. BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® creates natural pools for collective or private use. With exclusive pool designs, the agility of the BBIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® teams allows for adaptation to future users' projects.

We listen to our customers and advocate transparency of information. We use scientific data to design natural swimming pools that meet our customers' requirements. The fauna and flora of natural pools and water gardens contribute to the balance of the biotope.

Natural and ecological swimming pools contain several zones to ensure their autonomy: a bathing zone and a filtration zone. The bathing area offers the pleasure of soft water on the skin, pure and clear water for bathing all year round. The filtration area is the essential basin for all natural pools. The filtration area is the essential part of every natural pool. It treats the water in the pool using natural processes. The water is treated and purified without chemicals,

It provides a stable environment for the micro-organisms that continuously clean the pool water. The water is crystal clear and ideal for relaxation.
With a natural filtration system, without the use of chemicals, nature is preserved.

The environmental approach is at the heart of our project. BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® is the leader in the natural swimming pool market and offers water gardens and ecological swimming pools in perfect harmony with the environment.

A recognized brand of natural pool

BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® has been the specialist in natural baths of all sizes for over 40 years. The head office is based in Paris. The management team of this company is inspired by nature to propose natural swimming pools and water gardens.

For individuals or professionals in the leisure and tourism industry, we work in many countries on 5 continents.

In full collaboration with the stakeholders and respecting the wishes of our customers, we develop their natural pool project. Our clients include both private individuals and establishments open to the public. Within the framework of ERP, we accompany: campsites, hotels, and various local authorities (town hall, community of communes) in the elaboration of their projects of natural swimming pool and water garden. Each natural water space we create is unique. It responds to the dreams of our clients.

By relying on a powerful and reliable technology, we accompany our customers in the realization of a place of dream that it is in Ile de France, in Savoy or abroad, ...

For any information or price request, contact us by phone at +(33) 03 44 60 60 61, via WhatsApp, or via our online form.