• The natural pool and living creatures

    A multitude of small animals make their home naturally in a natural swimming pool/bath. Aquatic insects (gerris, hydrometers, dragonflies, dytics...), daphnia, gastropods (snails, planorbes, physes...), amphibians (frogs, newts), and sometimes small fish (gudgeons, bouvières...). They eat plant debris, graze on biofilm on the walls, chase away undesirables, and more generally, by occupying the [...]

    Published on: March 4, 2024
  • Winter is coming!

    The 🏊🏊🏽‍♀ season is over! I hope you've enjoyed your summer. Below is a reminder of the main things to do. Please refer to the recommendations of your installers and equipment manufacturers for more precise instructions. Have a nice day [...].

    Published on: November 15, 2023
  • Summer is here

    In summer, when the ecosystem is in full activity, it's time to enjoy your bath, without forgetting to clean it periodically and at least several times a week to remove excess waste: brush the sides and run the robot over it as often as possible, every day if necessary or [...].

    Published on: July 10, 2023