How to treat green pool water and get healthy water back?

By |Published on: March 15, 2023|

Every pool owner's worst fear is to find themselves with green pool water one morning. What are the causes? How do you get a healthy pool?

Find the answers in our article.

The causes of green water in your pool

When the water in your pool turns green, it is largely due to the presence of algae in the pool water. There are two reasons for their growth.

An imbalance in the water can lead to the development of algae. The level of chlorine or disinfectant may be insufficient (this only applies to so-called classic pools). The pH may be too high or too low. The filtration time of the pool water is also a cause of green pools.

A sudden change in weather conditions such as a storm can contribute to cloudy water and algae growth in your pond.

Effective treatments for green pool water

Green pool can be caused by two factors: pH imbalance and poor filtration.

Before any treatment, the first step is to analyse the pool water to check its balance. To do this, you can obtain test strips or an electronic tester. Depending on the rates after the water analysis, you will have to readjust the pH with a specific product (pH+ or pH -).

For the second step, you need to ensure that your pool filter is clean and that the filtration system is working properly.

Algae are the cause of green water in your pool: shock treatment

A shock treatment is needed to kill the algae in a green pool. Use a biocide such as chlorine tablets, which you add to the pool skimmers. After some time, you will notice that the pool water is clear again.

Cleaning your pool with a brush

Cleaning the walls and bottom of the pool with a wall brush is essential. The aim is to remove any algae residues that may have remained on the pool walls. At this stage, we do not recommend using an electric cleaner. Because of the shock treatment, the concentration of products could damage your pool cleaner.

Flocculant to optimise water cleaning

A flocculant is recommended to increase the performance of the filter and thus improve the water quality of your pool. Be aware of the different flocculants. There are several and the choice depends on the filter of your pool (diatomaceous earth, cartridge, bag, etc.). This product helps the filter to retain the fine particles in suspension in your pool water. Leave the filter running for 24 to 48 hours.

Be sure to check that your usual pool care products do not contain it. Furthermore, this product is only suitable for chemically treated pools.

Some tips to prevent green water from reappearing in your pool

After the water treatment, a few rules are necessary to keep the water clear and clean.

  • Check your pool water at least once a week. You can adjust your products according to the results.
  • The water filtration time should be equal to the water temperature divided by 2.
  • If you have a cover for your pool, remove it regularly.
  • After winterizing your pool, perform a thorough cleaning of the pool.

These simple tips guarantee clear water if you have chosen a "classic" pool.

However, you can opt for a natural pool. This way, you are free of chemical treatments and therefore of most of the problems with green water.