The natural swimming pool specialist in Ile de France

Your specialist in the construction of natural swimming pools in Ile de France

BIOPOOL by BIOTEICH® is the specialist in customized natural pool design in the Ile de France region. For nearly four decades, we've been designing natural pools to suit your every whim. Whether you're looking to modify a traditional pool or create a natural pool, we'll build your project together.

We work with individuals as well as tourism and leisure professionals in France and abroad.

As a leader in the construction of natural pools, we are at your disposal to design the integration of your natural pool in France. Your biological pool contains a natural filtration system without chemicals, which respects nature. The water in your pool is healthy and clear.

We create a natural bathing area in the Ile de France that will enchant your senses.


"We don't have mosquitoes or frogs, but we do have newts, which we preserve and which amuse the children. It's a magnificent sight every season, a water that lives, breathes, is beautiful, clear and has nothing to do with a pond. You never tire of looking at it. I always have binoculars with me to watch the birds that come to drink (jays, tits, nuthatches, the visit of a duck, etc.) The water is soft and that's a real plus for the skin and hair. As soon as the weather's fine, the water heats up quickly and rises to 27/28.

As for maintenance, my husband takes care of the things that bother me (pumps) and I do a bit of water gardening, but I really enjoy it. I won't be going back to another kind of watering hole for swimming, because bathing among flowers and rushes in transparent water.... A wink from Mother Nature that brings me closer to the Essential, encourages meditation for some, prayer for others. The end of this text is for you all to share: I remember a priest bathing and saying: bathing among the flowers!"

Anne .B


An ecological pool that adapts to your project

BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® is a natural swimming pool concept in the Ile de France region that takes into account not only your wishes, but also the size of your plot and the layout of your green spaces. Whatever the size of your project, BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® adapts to your environment. The construction of a natural swimming pool requires the creation of 2 distinct zones.

When we talk about an ecological swimming pool, we are talking about a natural swimming pool with a biological filtration system. These two pools can either be adjacent to each other or just a few metres from your swimming area.

Your natural and ecological swimming pool in Ile de France

BIOTEICH® creates natural swimming pools in the Ile de France region, respecting the environment and the ecosystems present, and of course, inspired by your desires. You will acquire the ecological pool of your dreams. A source of well-being, you will rediscover the sensations of a natural swim as in a lake or a river.

BIO&POOL by BIOTEICH® operates throughout the Ile de France region, supporting you in your project from the drawing up of specifications to the complete installation of your natural swimming pool.

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