The overflow pool: definition, operation and advantages

By |Published on: October 1, 2022|

Infinity pools are dream pools. In a garden with slopes, they offer a magnificent view of the landscape. Find out more about the infinity pool, how it works and its advantages.

What is an infinity pool?

The overflow pool allows perfect integration into a space with uneven ground. In a spirit of freedom, the integrated pool opens the horizon to the landscape. An invisible line between the sky and the water, it provides an immeasurable feeling of well-being. Unlike the classic pool, it does not contain a coping and allows the water to overflow onto one or more sides of the pool.

Unlike an above-ground pool, the construction of an overflow pool depends on your project and the configuration of your land. There are several types of overflow pools: total overflow, partial overflow or mirror pool.

On a flat site, for a pool with a total overflow, you would prefer the "mirror" pool. The entire pool is surrounded by a so-called mirror overflow. The water comes to the edge of the pool and then flows into a buffer tank below. It gives a contemporary effect to the pool with a smooth surface over the entire pool.

Filtration of the overflow pool

The filtration system of the overflow pool removes surface waste in the same way as the skimmers that skim the so-called traditional pools. The water flows into the buffer tank. The overflow tank or buffer tank is calculated according to the volume of water in the natural pool. In order to avoid excessive energy consumption, it is preferable to place it next to the pool, rather than a few metres away.

The buffer tank is equipped with a pre-filter, level probes to check the water level and a solenoid valve for water compensation.

Note that the buffer tank of the overflow pool must remain accessible for cleaning.

The advantages of the overflow pool

Beyond the feeling of grandeur of the infinity pool, this pool highlights the landscape. There is no visual boundary between the environment and your pool. You swim comfortably towards the horizon, soaking up the landscape. The lapping of the water in the pool is conducive to relaxation and rest.

In a conventional pool, floaters stay on the surface of the water longer before reaching the skimmers than in an overflow pool. After a while, leaves or insects sink to the bottom of the pool. With an overflow pool, impurities and small waste (leaves, etc.) flow more easily to the filters. This is because the water flows continuously over a larger linear area and the impurities are directed to the filters. The biological filtration system provides clear water for swimming.

The price of an infinity pool varies according to your project. The choice of materials, the earthworks, the dimensions but also the fittings such as :

  • The surface of the ecological pool;
  • The materials used;
  • Heat pump accessories;
  • Swimming against the current (NAC);
  • The showers in the natural pool;
  • The pool house;
  • The massage jets in the pool;
  • The sauna;
  • The surrounding area;
  • Access to the pool;
  • etc.

are all elements that impact the price of infinity pools.

The overflow pool fits perfectly into a garden. For more information, please contact us.