Natural Swimming Pool Water Analysis: Ensuring the Purity of Your Swim

By |Published on: July 5, 2024|

Today, we're diving with elegance and humor into a subject that's crucial to all lovers of natural bathing: water quality. Let's talk about this essential subject! Yes, we know, it's not the most glamorous subject, but it's crucial to enjoying a healthy, eco-friendly swim. So put on your chemist's glasses and let's dive into the details! 🔬

Why analyze water? 🧐

Water is the lifeblood of your Baignade naturelle®! The right water balance not only guarantees a pleasant swim, but also the sustainability of your aquatic ecosystem. Before filling your pool, a water analysis is essential, as is water quality. The balance of your Baignade naturelle® depends directly on the physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters of the water used. That's why a water analysis is mandatory before filling, to assess the physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters. Regular monitoring is then recommended, particularly before the bathing season, and periodically thereafter.

The difference between a natural pool and a conventional pool

Parameter values in natural bathing® differ from those in traditional pools. For example, the pH is higher, at around 8.1, which is close to the pH of tears (yes, your tears! 😢 ).

When should samples be taken?

It's best to take the water sample early in the morning, shortly after daybreak (or even before, if you're the type to jump out of bed at dawn 🌅 ). This reveals the most extreme oxygenation conditions before photosynthesis starts and after the previous day's use.

How to perform a good water analysis? Recommendations

1. water sampling: Take the sample in the proper way, or have it analyzed by an accredited laboratory. early in the morning, before photosynthesis, for optimum conditions.
2 Approved Laboratory: Have the sample analyzed by an approved laboratory to ensure reliable results.
3 Water analysis: A part of this analysis is available on the distributor's website.
4 List of approved laboratories : Available on santé or contact a Cofrac-accredited environmental laboratory.
5 Public bathing areas (ERP): Contact your ARS.
6. frequency of analysis: for public or collective bathing establishments, certain parameters must be analyzed at least twice a month. 🔄

Now you have all the keys you need to guarantee bathing water as pure as a mountain lake. So dive in and enjoy your natural swimming pool - it's better than the Seine!

We recommend that sampling and analysis be carried out by an approved laboratory. Sampling conditions (asepsis, volumes, location) and storage conditions (temperature < 4°C) are crucial to the reliability of results.

Quality parameters: What are the requirements?

Here is an overview of the quality limits and references for bathing water and fill water for artificial freshwater bathing according to version 4.2 of the RQLQ 2023 report of August 2023:


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If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you make your natural bathing experience a haven of peace and freshness. 💦

See you soon and enjoy your swim!